What does it mean to Belong?  Where do you feel like you have a sense of belonging?  The dictionary describes to belong as “to be accepted and liked by the other people in a group”.  We believe that a church family is a group of people where anyone should feel like they belong, no matter their story.  In fact, we believe that it is important for people who have never been a part of a church family to feel like they belong in relationship with that church before they feel the need to believe anything about who God is or what following Jesus is all about.
Belonging:  We want to create spaces and  relationships where all people feel like the Belong.
-We are intentional about creating environments where deep relationships are formed and developed.
-We offer Grace freely and generously.
-We value each person as a uniquely gifted contributor to God’s kingdom.
Our desire is to be very intentional about helping people feel like they belong.  If you are interested in connecting in relationship with our church family, contact us at